The "33 Obama Repeal Votes" Lie

The "33 Obama Repeal Votes" Lie

Once again the liberal media have been caught in a big ObamaCare lie -- this time to protect Harry Reid and his co-horts in the Senate who are blocking a vote on the bill to Repeal ObamaCare.

Here's what happened.

+ + The "33 Obama Repeal Votes" Lie

Just days before the House voted to Repeal ObamaCare, the Washington Post reported that it would be the 33rd such vote to repeal ObamaCare. This spread rapidly through the liberal intelligentsia and it became the main talking point in the Left's effort to discredit the repeal vote. The real goal was to insulate Harry Reid and the Leftists in the Senate during an election year.

It worked.

Soon, even many conservative talk shows and websites backed down from discussing the House repeal vote. We saw the impact here at Grassfire as the anger from the Supreme Court seemed to be tempered by the 33-vote rhetoric.

But was the Left's "33 votes" claim true?

Not at all.

+ + Just Two "Repeal" Votes, Not 33!

As our Liberty News is reporting, this was only the SECOND time the House has voted on a repeal of ObamaCare. The other votes involved getting rid of small parts of ObamaCare because Congress was beginning to "find out what's in" the law.

This is how the Left prevails even when they technically lose a vote. Instead of Reid and his obstructionists facing building pressure from an outraged citizenry still smarting from the Supreme Court decision, the entire "repeal" effort is perceived as a fool's errand because of a deceptive and intentional media misdirection campaign.