I started this site in the 1980's with a goal of exposing the corruption in government, including & epically it's ties to big business ($$$).  But I finally realized, the corruption was/is endemic of congress, of Politics, of Washington DC, until it has become part of the definition of government. We've come to EXPECT corruption from our elected officials.

We don't vote for 'Honest' people people because they can't compete with the lies and political machine known as congress.

Aaron Russo made a film you really need to watch. Link & partial transcript here.

Bridigette Gaberial's, 'Act for America'!, an organization really doing something.

Barack Hussain Obama, the LIM

Banks Control the money, control the country.

Bilderbergs, set on "one World" government.

Kate Brown, liberal governor of Oregon.

Bush, GW set the stage for the Barack Hussein takeover.

Clinton, William Jefferson his own greatest fan.

Clinton, Hillary possibly more dangerous than Bill.

Carter, Jimmy absolutely the WORST president ever. Actually caused/started modern day terrorism.

Communists in congress.

Congressional whores, cheap.

Conspiracy Theory It all makes sense.

Corrupt, 10 most, 2 years running

Tom Daschle a good example of what is wrong with America.

Diabetes, from your milk bottle.

Elena Kagan, dangerous nominee for the supreme court.

Keith Ellison, 9 Potentially Damaging Facts.

The Depart of Energy (DOE) was created to lesson our dependency on foreign oil

The FDA the most corrupt Federal Organization.

The Federal Reserve Bank (FED).

12-30-17 Just a letter to hopefully friends and family.

Bill Gates not a genius, just lucky

Genetically Engineered plants and animals, Frankenstein has arrived!

The Glass-Steagall Act would have prevented the bank meltdown.

Guns are keeping us safe.

Harry Reid most corrupt

Hillary (Clinton)  See "Clinton, Hillary"

Homosexuality  isn't a 'choice', it is a disease.

Household furniture, it could be dangerous to sit in.

Immigration Illegal type

Islam, and its jihad against America

Israel the worst 'friend' we ever bought.

Japan was worse for torture than Germany in WWII.

Lyndon Johnson much less than you think.

Ted Kennedy the epitome of what is wrong with America.

The USS Liberty was purposely attacked by Israel

John McCain. he just got stupid.

Jeff Merkely the lying liberal from Oregon.

Marrying a Muslim would be a mistake.

The Media has little to do with 'facts'.

The Medicare Prescription Drug bill.

Mercury in your mouth.

MSG alive and well.

News Tidbit.

President Nixon"I'm not a crook,"

Obamacare, the Cloward/Piven principle put into action.

Obama, Hussaine -  the "Lying Illegal Muslim" President.  The 'LIM'.

Obama, Michael, the LIM's boy friend

Pelosi, America's bitch.

Pharmaceuticals any politician, cheap.

Rahm Emanuel's roots and the corruption.

Ronald Regan just some sayings for now.

Republicans, Corrupt & For Sale

Smoking, not a "habit" but an addiction.

George Soros and his Obama connection.

Soy not just for linoleum any more.

Terrorists, everybody has an opinion.

Israel purposely attacked the USS Liberty killing 38 US citizens.

You think Your Vote really counts?

Some of my personally written letters to politicians. and organizations are listed here.

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