Bumper stickers are getting nastier.

Change it BackStop goverenment waste, Abolish Congress
Pelosi is a commieClean the House and the Senate
Amendment 28, Congress shall notThe Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi
Change SucksBankrupt America, Yes we can
For Real Change, Vote out your congressmanAmerica's Greatest Threat, is the US Congress
Obamacare side effectsI love my country but Fear My Government
If Obama Fails, the US SurvivesCongress, Your Fired!
Obama Care, Freedom Not IncludedThe Bill congress Never Reads, the bill of Rights
Political Dissent is Not Racism!Democrats, Your Fired!
Throw th Bums OutObamacare Makes Me Sick
Too Poor to be a RepublicanObamacare not good enough for congress
Ignorance is BlissObamacare, efficency of the DMV, compassion of the IRS.
Congress should get same HealthCare as the rest of usProud Member of the Angry Mob
Diversity Killed 13 at Fort HoodVisualize Impeachment
Obama a new chapter in US History, chapter 13Osama & Obama both have friends that bombed the Pentigon
Obama, tough on capitalists, soft on terroristsYou Can't Fix Stupid
Fight Socialism, buy a FordBiggest threat to the US is the President
OOPSClinton ruined a dress
Vote them ALL OutWhich came First, the Liberal or Stupidity?
Are you better off than you were 4 trillion dollars ago?