The IRS Attacking Free Speech

Under the Guise of stopping scandals, the IRS proposed rule would stop critique of (liberal) candidates.


The IRS has proposed a new rule for non-profit organizations that is supposedly meant to respond to a recent political scandal. But instead of focusing on the rather narrow types of organizations and activities reflective of the scandal, its rule appears ready to punish all 501(c)4 non-profit organization and would cripple organizations whose primary mission is to educate the public on various issues in Congress.

The rule would prohibit the simple mention of a candidate's name within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary - even if the mention has nothing to do with the election! If your Member of Congress introduces a great immigration bill or a terrible amnesty bill within 30 days of his/her primary, under the proposed rule, we wouldn't be able to tell you about it.

The IRS thinks it's shutting down inappropriate electioneering by certain 501(c)(4) groups, but in reality, it's granting elected officials immunity from public accountability. Non-profits like NumbersUSA, the Sierra Club, the National Rifle Association, the League of Conservation Voters, and even the pro-amnesty National Council of La Raza would all be silenced, and we're all speaking out against it.