Collectivist Conspiracy

by: G Edward Griffin

The growth of the tea party movement and the left right paradigm

This is a very abbreviated transcription of Griffin's video and I hope that you view the video and only use this for reference.  Please report errors, I couldn't possibly include the entire 84 minute video.

It is important to understand the tea party movement and the left right paradigm
We are raised thinking you should choose right or left (in politics).  Extreme right Fascism or Naziism extreme left Communism or Socialism.  The basic philosophy between extreme left and right is the same.

How can this be? The thing that is common to them all is collectivism (opposite of individualism). Communism & Fascism while so called opposites are variants of collectivism. The group is more important than the individual, the individual must be sacrificed for the greater good or greater number. The state should be all powerful and obey the state, sacrifice for the greater good, the greater number.  Rights are granted by the state.  Communists & fascists & Nazis & Socialists all believe in that.

Possibly it is a trick, a huge trick, a scam because we think we must choose between them.
The leaders of these groups will fight among themselves over not ideology but 'dominance.' That is what we have today between the left and the right.

Why does out country keeping moving toward collectivism [since WWI] no matter which group is in power.   left right paradigm is a political ploy.  Because both parties out there believe in big government.  The voter is stuck, trapped.

The repubs and dems are essentially run by a group of 4000 people called  the "Council of [6:00] Foreign Relations."  These are the people really pulling the strings Carol Quigley a former history professor [mentor to William Clinton] author wrote a book about the CFR. An interesting point he makes is “this is the way the real world is, how is it we collectivists we elitists, how can we rule the world when at the same time we want the average person to think that they are living in a ‘democracy’?  They are living is a system where their vote counts, where they feel they must participate in their own destiny.  This is a carefully nurtured myth that they want to create so people will be content that no matter what happens to them they say ‘well, I voted for it’ or ‘I did it’ or ‘this government is my government’ and no matter how bad it is it is responsible to ‘me’” and as long as people have that image they don’t complain so much about how bad it gets because they did it, they think.

This is the way the real worlds is.  How can we (the CFR) rule the world where people think they live in a democracy where they free will?   It is simple, you have two parties where they argue with each other but 'we' (CFP) will control them both.   There is the strategy behind this.
The tea party didn’t like either party..  They realized something wasn’t right.  They were dedicated to what made this government great.   Both parties became aware of this and looked at it and the democrats looked at it and decided it didn’t go along with what they thought at all so they started to attack it and the republicans looked at it and decided it was something they could use and so they started to go into it and copt it for their own movement.
Some well know people are closely aligned with the Republican party that are trying to bring the tea party over.

Dem & Repub only talk about things on which they agree.  Both agree on foreign policy, both agree on world government based on the principles of collectivism.  Total world government.  serfs & peasant.  So Quigley deals with that question.
So how are you going to do that?  It is simple.  We create two parties and we control them both.  They will both have the same general goals and they will argue with each other over details and they will have slogans and banners and they will denigrate the other party on details and style but “WE” will control them both.
We have a Left wing and a Right wing but they are all part of the same ugly bird and that bird is Collectivism.
So how does that apply to the tea party movement?  The Tea Party appears to be a true movement that was unhappy with both parties, something wasn’t right.  It didn’t have anything to do with being a Republican or a Democrat.  The concept of limited government.
When the tea party kept growing the political parties took notice.   The Democrats decided because of the nature of it the slogans and all they couldn’t live with it so they began to attack it.
The Republics thought it was something they could use and try to envelope it.

The democrats and republicans agree on many things so they don’t want to talk about that because people would realize they are the same.  They only talk about things they disagree on and that is only the minor things.  They agree on foreign policy i.e. total world government based on the model of collectivism.  A big powerful central government while people at the bottom living as serfs or peasants essentially.  They agree on the dominance of the banking system.  The banks are supreme, the banks must be protected.  Bail out third world countries so they can pay their debts.  It should be a big give-away that they both vote for these things.  There might be a third thing and that is the middle east, they both say we should bring our troops home blah blah blah but we go from one party to another and we are still there.  The war continues and there is no debate between Repubs & demos and this itself should be a big give-away that there is corruption.  There might be speeches, rhetoric but when it comes time to vote there is no difference between them at all.  A person should be able to realize what is going on just from these three issues.

There are daily efforts to restrict the internet.  “They” control the media, they don’t presently control the internet.  As long as internet can be open and free we still have a chance to break out of this tyranny.  However the government wants to license anybody that writes a blog, they want to restrict what can be looked up on the internet, they want to limit your access to information.  They want to imitate what they are doing in China.

Getting somebody in the White House is not as important as you might think it is.  The problem is people think if we get the right person in the White House, that is all we have to do.  Americans are that way, they want to do it and be done with it.  Who are you going to vote for, that is (the end of) your citizenship responsibility?  Your 20 minutes out of the year.
Voting is nothing, all the work is done before that stage.
People need to become active in politics.

The FED is a cartel of bankers, it isn't the government, it is working for the banks and against the people.

Obama rose to power on this beautiful rhetoric of "change" but it meant nothing.  People need to stop listening to the rhetoric and look at the voting record.
Professional politicians know to tell the people what they want to hear, you need to look at their record.
Politicians don't debate the issues they attack the opponent.  e.g. John Birch Society  an educational organization was demonized.

The elitist that want to control this world’s collectivism government are not dumb, they have a lot of money and they have think tanks that think out strategies and one of the strategies they have always used is to be their own opposition because they know there is going to be opposition and if they send their own people out there than they can control them.  e.g. when the bankers put forth the federal reserve bill (FED) some of the bankers came out against it, it is going to damage the economy and when people heard that they said it must be good.

In the tea party movement if they can't control it they have to discredit it.  They put wacko's in it or people pretending to be wacko's to screw things up.  So when the media goes out there who do they interview, who do they take pictures of, the Wacko's, the guys with swastikas on their arms, tin foils hats.  This political game is hardball and the opposition is playing professionals and they are playing to win.

It is a matter of historical record that the people so called “super capitalists” i.e. the Rothschild the Rockefellers and the heads of the big corporations at&t, Ford Mo Co etc. is a historical fact that have provided the funding to bring into power regimes like Hitler’s regime was well funded by US and British financiers and communist Russia the Leninist group were funded by US bankers. They do this because they want to control certain groups. That is what is going on in American and while they didn’t create it they want to control it and use it.

Another tactic is they know that any people in the world will gladly give up their liberty and comforts if it is in their mind to gain security from some dreaded threat.  That is why regimes that are struggling to hold the loyalty of their people are very dangerous regimes because instinctively they know they have to go to war.  Throughout history governments that are weak start wars, or create their own enemies.  This ploy is being used tin America/

Organizations like certain tax exempt organizations have tremendous clout when it comes to making policy.  The general impression is that these big funds, the Ford fund the Rockefeller fund, etc. they do good works, charity, but the reality is, they spend a great deal on projects that could be described as philanthropic are very very political in nature. e.g. the Ford Foundation spends hundreds of millions to improve the social and economic conditions of minority groups and when you see where the money goes it goes to radical minority groups, radical political change groups.  Radical like overthrow the US movements Tax Exempt.  The CEO's of the FF know exactly what they are doing, they are trying to divide America, they are trying to weaken America, they are trying to bring America down so they can merge it with the rest of the world.  These people are deliberately trying to destroy America so she can be merged with the rest of the world.  Most of this is being done under the aegis of tax exempt organizations.

Our government was set up with a system of checks and balances but over time there has been a change starting with WWI that gradually changed our government.  Now we don't have checks and balances between the parts of government.  We now have a dictatorship, a democratic dictatorship. Today the president is basically the same as the king, almost unlimited powers and congress pretty much lets the president do what he wants. The President can now create funds between him and the FED create funds.  The US is no longer the country it was.  Writing a letter to your congressmen is no longer going to work.  A large number of Americans have to understand that has to happen.

Every time there is a crisis there is a movement toward totalitarianism.
Hillary Clinton says it was nice to be close to the Council on Foreign Relations.  She probably regrets that admission and has restated her meaning.  Most people in politics know that is where the power is.  all the major politicians at the CFR.  Hillary Clinton knows she is a small fish compared to the CFR, she has to get their approval for any political move.

The people that are monitoring this are concerned over the growing awareness of the American people, but they probably expected it.  They thought about it long before it ever happened.  These people are not stupid, they know that there would be opposition to their plans as they reach the end of the game.  They know that as people start losing their economic freedom and as one crisis after another descends upon them there is going to be opposition.  They planned on this a long time ago.  Alex Jones called it the "End Game".  As people become upset “they” will institute martial law.  As people become upset, they go into the street, when there is no relief things escalate, eventually they become unruly, they become violent, windows get broken than somewhere down the line a few shots are fired and than there is martial law, and that my friends is what was wanted from the very beginning.  All collectivist systems eventually deteriorate into a police state.

The movement toward world collectiveness government has been going for sometime.   A group created by Cecil Rhodes willed his money to a secret movement --- collectivism.  World government based on the model of collectivism.  League of nations failed so now they have the UN.  So now they are trying to pump up the UN into the frame work of the world government.
They sell the idea as the end of war and brotherhood etc.  Actual policy is an all powerful government based on collectivism, a tyrannical government, the same kind of system that Adolf Hitler had in mind & Joseph Stalin, same kind of Mao ts ting.  Collectivism
Now we are the greatest advocates of this system, we don't call it fascism, Tyranny  and they call it "The New World Order".  when you examine its nature it is a collectivist system, the little guy taking orders.

The nations of Europe have European union.   They are talking about doing the same on the North American continent but it is underway and has so for over a decade and if you exam some of the laws they are going to "harmonize" our laws with those of Canada and Mexico & regional currencies crate a new currency called the AMARO.   Step by step the model of the new world collectivism being put in place.

People in charge [politicians] are for it.
The trick is how to make the little guy go for it or get too much alarm about it before  it is too late.   First they have to deny it is happening and they have to do it behind closed doors, that means they don't bring it up for a vote in congress.  Collectivism is the graveyard of freedom.
All these factors need to be understood to know what to do about it.  What not to do about it is fall for this left right paradigm.   No mater what side you are on you are on the losing side.   What is freedom?   just 'not’ in jail?  Not spend your money where you want, ability to travel
Freedomforce International
If you don't believe in something you will fall for anything.
First you must be able to define freedom.
The first thing one must do to combat this force, is to know what you believe in.  Freedom?  Than can you define it?  To be able to defend it and to be able to argue for it and lastly who is going to fight for it?
All movements in history have been determined by less than 3% of the population are the movers and the shakers.[59:23}
The phoney wrestling match, beat each other up etc.   Just like politics.   We have our cheerleaders the media, they won't let the people debate the issues e.g. are we going to keep our sovereignty, are we going to let the FED run our government?  They won't let us talk about the real issues.
Glen Beck not sincere because he only attacks the left.
Fox is part of the Rupert Murdock empire and like the rest are all in the hands of the CFR, Murdock is a member of the CFR.   Murdock would not allow a consistent program that went against his agenda.
The Fox network fits the roll of being the cheerleader of the right.
Bush connection to the Nazis of Europe.
You can't have an open discussion of the news because people will say, "they are both screwed up, the left and the right."
It is necessary always to have people that can criticize the other side.
It is not who you like in politics it is who you hate.  Politics of hatred.
It comes as a shock that the greatest mass murders of history were funded by the wealthy of US and Britain.  e.g. funded Hitler.   I G Farben  a matter of record.
Mao came to power
At the end of WWII there was a large division Chang Ki Check & the nationalists were enemies.  this was not in the best interest of the people in Washington DC who forced the nationalists to allow an integrated government and when the communists got in key positions that was the end.  coalition government.   Gen George Catholic Marshall in charge of all far east operations simply cut off the flow of ammunition and arms to the nationalist and make sure all left over Japanese equipment went to the communists.
Marshall boasted, "with a stroke of my pen I now disarm 30 divisions of Chiang Kai Shek army."  That came out of the US.. 
The most brutal and totalitarian regimes have been funded by great wealth, capitalists.
A free enterprise capitalists is one who acquires his wealth through free will and competition [1:12] and producing products and services at a lower cost, a monopoly capitalists is one that acquires his wealth by purchasing the loyalty of politicians and having certain laws throw favor his direction and to put obstacles in the way of his competition.  Two kinds of capitalists.  The type of capitalists that has supported these terrible regimes have been the monopoly capitalists.  They believe in the concept of collectivism.
The issue of bank bailouts is a simple issues is simple the banks have great power over our government.  By inflation the government can pay their bills.  The federal reserve was creating all the money to pay back the banks.   The media didn't talk about that, they talked about bonuses the bank CEO's got.  The politicians are beholding to the banks, the FED
Film "What in the world are they spraying"   ???