CBS Sends Out Iran ‘Death To America’ Tweet with Ridiculous Comment – But Not Before Twitter Notices


While CBS continues to tout President Obama’s “historic” nuclear deal with Iran, there has arisen an inconvenient narrative about the Iranians chanting “death to America.” The story has the potential to expose how this is probably ‘not the deal the U.S. is looking for.’

But don’t worry, the Iranians have always been doing that!

CBS News Tweeted a comment from their @CBSThisMorning account on the “usual chant of Death To America” during Friday morning prayers in Iran:

The text:

At Friday prayers….there was the usual chat of Death to America…but more out of habit than conviction.

They deleted it soon after, but not before it was copied, retweeted, and then sent back to them:

Although the “Death To America” chants in Iran are not new, they made headlines 2 weeks ago when religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei lead a chant while the U.S. was deep in the midst of nuclear negotiations with the country’s political leaders.

At the time, the Administration immediately downplayed the news, with Josh Earnest saying it was “intended for a domestic political audience.”

Furthermore, the day after that, spokesperson Jen Psaki couldn’t give a direct answer to an AP reporter when was asked how, given the “Death to America” chants in Tehran, Iran can be trusted but our ally Israel cannot.

CBS has not responded or commented on the Tweet and subsequent deletion, but Twitter sure did:

You can’t make this stuff up.

By ,  IJReview  4-6-2015