Politicians feel Themselves Elitist


I know I have said it dozens of times and have even dedicated this WEB site to the problem of corrupt, self-serving, elitist politicians, I didn't know they even admitted to it, years ago.

In 1960 in an essay by Senator William Fulbright (Founder of the Fulbright Scholarships) entitled The Elite and the Electorate.

Fulbright was a pillar of the American liberal establishment and an honored lecturer at the Council on Foreign Relations. His thesis was that common people are incapable of self rule because they do not have the aptitude, the knowledge, nor even the interest in acquiring the knowledge required for decisions on matters of state. Therefore, he argued, there always must be a ruling class, an elite segment of society to execute the task of leadership. The masses may be encouraged to believe they are in charge via the electoral process, but the reality is that a small group will run everything of importance.

Fulbright made the analogy of a passenger ship on which there are two classes of people: The passengers and the crew. The passengers decide where they want the ship to go, but the crew is in charge of getting it there. Once the passengers decide on the destination, they are well advised to leave the machinery and navigation to the crew which has specialized knowledge of such matters. 

It seemed a strong argument in favor of a ruling class that is left alone to perform its specialized tasks but which is subservient to the citizens-at-large regarding political destinations and principles.

The flaw was so huge and so simple that you cannot see it unless you back away from the theory and look at the practice. The flaw is that Fulbright was lying. He advocated that the passengers determine the destination of the ship but, in actual practice, he and his Establishment minions wanted the crew to determine everything, including the destination. They talked the line of limited government because it got them elected but, once in office, they immediately took charge of all aspects of the voyage, including its destination.

Politicians are arrogantly corrupt.