Microsoft buys itself out of lawsuit, cheap

Alert!!  Microsoft deleted this file from my WEB site and from my personal computer.   Fact!

Twice Now.

That should tell you something.  Must have been lots of truth there.
Well, I have back-ups, it just may take a while to find them.  In the meantime, I'll give the jist of the file so you know why microsoft deleted it.  (I left 'their' line at bottom)   Beware, Microsoft snoops in your files too!!!  and you thought just the NSA did that.  they are probably cooperating with each other.  that is also why the small "x" in front of their name on the WEB site so their snoopy browser my not recognize the name.

Back when Jimmy Carter was president, he did lots of dumb, selfish and stupid things but one thing he did do was bring a lawsuit against Microsoft for being a monopoly.  [I have to see if I can find that file too]  Microsoft delayed and delayed the suit until Bush was elected.  They gave Bush a pitiful contribution to his election campaign (verifiable) and when he was indeed elected the government suit against Microsoft was dropped.

In the mid to late 1800's the government sued DuPont Powder for having a monopoly on explosives, they had something like %60 of the market.  They were forced to divest a portion of their holdings.

In the 1950's Xerox was sued by the government for having a monopoly on copying machines and were forced to sell off their patent or some such thing, divest in other words.  Xerox had %70 of the market.

In the 1970's the government sued AT&T because they had %80 of the long distance phone market and AT&T was forced to divest (they actually broke up the company). 

In the 1990's the government sued Microsoft because they had %98 of the market.  All they had to do was stall (Clinton) until their paid boy (Bush) could get into office and dismiss the case.

I would like to point out that Microsoft has moved maybe %90 of its company to China.  It is essentially a Chinese company.  Buy American, avoid Microsoft whenever possible.

I had lots of stories about microsoft and the trouble they go through to preserve their illegal monopoly and their grip on the world market, not just the United States.  I'll have to check to see if I kept them and/or if microsoft deleted those too.

Not to worry.  there will be many back-ups of this file stored off net. $197,425.00 Microsoft Antitrust Case:

An Update on the Company's Lobbying and Campaign Contributions.

Microsoft, which nearly tripled its campaign contributions and more than doubled its lobbying expenditures during its fight against the antitrust case.

This was all that was in my file when I looked...

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