GE or GMO Foods


Note:  GE/GM foods = Big Business = Big Money = 'favors' for congressmen = legislation favoring Big Business and to hell with what is good for the population in general.

Source: An alarming study published in the Journal of Biological Science this week points toward serious health hazards from genetically engineered foods and pesticides. The research, conducted by scientists from France, Italy, New Zealand, U.K. and U.S., corroborates the decade-long criticism by public interest organizations such as the Organic Consumers Association, Greenpeace, and Friends of the Earth that European Food Safety bureaucrats and the U.S. FDA have used unreliable tests to assess the safety of food and products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are now found in more than 80% of (non-organic) foods sold in conventional grocery stores in the U.S., as well as the majority of animal feed in the EU.

The GMO labeling measure in Oregon turns out to be the most expensive measure on the ballot. 

People who gave money supporting GMO foods:

Coca Cola        $702,000
Conagra Foods    $250,000
Dow AgroSciences    $310,150
Dupont Pioneer    $ 58,150
General Mills        $695,000
Grocery Manufactures    $$164,790
Hershey Company    $320,000
Hormel Foods        $ 85,000
Kellogg’s         $250,000
Kraft Foods        $870,000
Land O’ Lakes    $380,000
McCormick & Co.    $130,000
Monsanto Co        $4,085,150
PepsoCo, Inc.        $1,400,000