Calling “sticking their ‘pickle’ up their friends pooper” a ‘CHOICE’

is a cover for big business to continue peddling their drugs & chemicals

It seems to me that any “normal” person would think sticking their 'pickle' up their friends pooper was pretty damn sick, it just boggles my mind that anyone would actually try to say it was an ‘OK’ thing to do. Playing in a sewer has just got to be the stupidest thing I ever heard somebody try to justify. So why would anybody go along with the this ludicrous idea? Money! Billions of dollars are at stake here.

I have amassed over one hundred documents here that strongly suggest the “gay” phenomena is actually a cover for big business. This has come about because many sectors of our economy has learned to benefit from it. The insurance industry benefits because the more people are scared the more policies they sell. The pharmaceutical industry doubly benefits by first creating the 'toxins' and than selling the 'cure.' The medical industry benefits by treating problems affecting millions of Americans and the insurance industry benefits by selling policies to millions more that are afraid of getting sick. The AMA (Doctors)clearly benefits from anything that makes people sick. (That may go against everything you feel as ‘right’ but believe me, given enough money your own mother will sell you out).

It is a 100 billion dollar business, you better believe they will do anything for the bottom line.