Hillary, the video she doesn’t want you to see

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    Peter F. Paul is a former lawyer and entrepreneur was convicted for conspiracy (sold the Cubans a boatload of non-existent coffee) and drug dealing.

    In 1998, Paul co-founded Stan Lee Media with comic book legend Stan Lee and took the company public via a reverse-merger into a trading shell in August 1999.  

     He started out with a ½ million dollars and within one year had a market cap of 300 million dollars.  He decided he would reach out to Bill Clinton to be a ‘rain maker’ after he left office.  I take that to mean he wanted Bill to be the media ‘front’ for the organization.  Note video with Bill talking about it.  To this means he thought the way to do that was to help Hillary with her political ambitions and help her raise money for her campaign.  Note video w/Hillary.

     “They/Peter” concocted a major fund raiser for Hillary and raised over 1 million dollars.  Note video of Hillary thanking Peter Paul.  3 days later the Washington Post published an article stating Peter Paul had a felony record from 2 decades previous and Hillary stated she didn’t take any money and  ‘vowed’ she would not take any money from him.

    John Armor - constitutional law specialists, “her representatives were lying on Hillary’s behalf.”  The Clinton's had to pretend they didn’t even know who Peter Paul was.

A few days later on Aug 18 he received letters from both Hillary and Bill which professed their un-dying gratitude.

    Two weeks after vowing she would take no money Hillary’s finance director faxed Paul asking for campaign money. This appears to be planned all along that they were going to deceive Peter Paul and steal his Japanese partner and do damage to his company..  Tendo Oto had promised to infuse Stan Lee media with 5 million dollars in November of 2000.  BC’s business partner, Jim Lavin flew to Japan and stole Oto as a business partner convincing him that instead of working with Peter Paul he could work directly with BC and Jim Lavin.  That triggered a melt down of the (Stan Lee) stock leading to the company collapse.  

    In the filings with the FEC they had entirely omitted any contributions form Peter Paul.

Peter Paul filed a civil suit with the Clinton which detailed all the money that had been contributed with copies of checks and invoices. Suddenly he is being investigated for his stock dealings.

    He (Peter F Paul) was detained by Interpol in Brazil where he was put in prison in a section which was called the corridor of death.

    The Clinton's were able to get the original civil suit thrown out because the plaintiff (Paul) was a fugitive (locked up in the prison in Brasil at Interpol’s request).

    The court held that the case should proceed to trial.

    See splashed all over media.

    The chief of public integrity finally indited David Rosin, the finance director for the Hillary campaign.   He was charged for intentionally understating finances from above mentioned gala.  The Judge officiating this case was appointed by Hillary!  The judge went to great lengths during the trial to state that Hillary had nothing to do with the case.  He turned the trial into a referendum on Peter Paul.  Media kept repeating Hillary had nothing to do with charges.

    Paul started a video in July 17 of 2000 when he received a call from Hillary where she clearly makes statements that she should have been indicted for.

    Hillary Clinton and her representatives have been able to quash the investigation in all 3 parts of government.  

    Very interesting reading the different versions of the story.  Wikipedia; which is being written or re-written by the liberals, has a little different spin on the story but it is pretty difficult to explain some of the videos.  Both accounts leave things unexplained.

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