How industry is making the U.S. HOMOSEXUAL!

People are not "gay" by choice

No more than you choose to be schizophrenic, bipolar or autistic.

Homosexual is a Mutation

The suicide rate among the transgender community is something like an incrediable 40%. At no other time in history has it been so high except with Jews in Nazi Germany. The rate remains the same with those that have undergone ‘the’ operation indicating it fixed nothing and irregardless if they had interaction with hostile non-gay persons or not.

There can be no doubt that that humans are gregarious by nature and tend to seek out other humans. Generally speaking, we all want to be accepted by other humans.  Nobody wants to be an outcast, a freak and in fact, people with ‘differences’ often go to extreme measures to cover up their abnormalities so that they can get along in our society.  Homosexuals were, for a long time, hiding that fact in order to be accepted.  Now it has become ‘in’ to ‘come out’ and flaunt your homosexuality.  "They" say it is a matter of personal choice, they want to be this way. ‘OK.’  Interesting that a drunk may tell you they drink by choice or an ‘addict’ might tell you that they “shoot up” by choice yet we consider both of these a ‘disease’.

The Darwin theory says that for literally millions of years natural selection is how we came to be.  If you're a creationist, well; they can argue that point better than I, but we agree on this.   There is absolutely no way with either Darwinian or creationism that a ‘gay’ could naturally exist unless you want to call an aberration of humanity ‘natural.’  To say this is a choice might be correct if you put it into context as I have repeatedly pointed out in the following text. If something has happened to a person be it in the womb or during their growth that has affected their sexual abilities, they are going to have problems, often, sexual problems.  To start labeling ‘problems’ as a choice is ridiculous, but it is certainly an excellent cover.   It is also an excellent cover if you are a manufacture of a product that has something in it that might be causing major medical problems to the public.

I need to say a couple of things here.  First of all, I am speaking in generalities here and I am not saying that what happens to one happens to another or the effect is the same or the outcome is the same.  With people, there are always differences. One person may smoke their entire life without any medical problems, yet another may get cancer from just being near the first when they smoked.

Secondly, if you are a guy and you're born impotent, don't you think that you might try to hide the fact or perhaps band together with others that have similar outward symptoms (inabilities)?

Now, one point well taken is that there has been homosexuality as far back as recorded history goes and obviously those people didn't eat industrialized soybean or rape seed or had bodies that contained over 400 substances that didn't exist in nature 30 years earlier.  However, it would be hard to say what a person was exposed to in days of old.  For example, they drank out of lead drinking goblets and thought nothing of it.  So who is to say?

There is a renowned Psychologist named Arthur Janov who has strong evidence that at least some homosexuality is a mental disorder.

But that is all just the groundwork, the point of this document is to show how good old fashioned “greed ” is poisoning America and the world for that matter and homosexuality is being used as a cover to distract from discovering what is happening.

I get a lot (about half) of my information from Science News (SN) magazine that collects their articles from noted scientists, doctors, mathematicians, etc. around the world.    Here is my proof, I have yet to see any from the 'other' [[Choice]] side.

Methylation turns a wannabe bumblebee into a queen..

Bumblebees in an established hive live a high school rom-com social life. At the center table is the queen bee, surrounded by males that she created. On the outskirts sit the worker-bee nerds, all female, doomed to never get a date or form a hive of their own. But as in the movie Mean Girls, when the queen bee goes down, sometimes a worker has a chance to claw her way toward the throne. Which wannabee rises to the top is more than personality or fashion sense. It's a matter of epigenetics.

In the rigid social structure of a bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) hive, the queen does the breeding and the workers do the working. But when a queen goes missing, starts making males and new queens, or even simply gets old, some of the worker females rise up in revolt. They become more aggressive, their ovaries develop and they start laying eggs to produce their own males. They will never be a true queen bee, but laying their own eggs puts them in competition.

So what happens when a pregnant mother is exposed to Methylation?

Chemical tags on DNA appear to differ between gay and straight men

BALTIMORE ‑ Molecular tests may be able to distinguish homosexual from heterosexual men, a small study of twins suggests.

Chemical modifications to DNA that change the activity of genes without changing the genes' information differ between homosexual and heterosexual men, researchers from UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine have discovered. Results of the unpublished study on the link between these modifications, called epigenetic tags, and sexual orientation were presented October 8 at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. Comparing one type of epigenetic tag known as DNA methylation in pairs of twins in which one brother is gay and the other straight revealed patterns that distinguish one group from the other about 67 percent of the time, computational geneticist Tuck Ngun and colleagues say.

The work already has provoked controversy, with some scientists questioning its methodology and others worried about how the research could be used. Some are concerned that the research could be misinterpreted as one step in an effort to “cure” homosexuality. Nothing could be further from the researchers' intentions, say Ngun and Eric Vilain, the geneticist who heads the research group. “None of us see homosexuality as a disorder or something to be fixed,” Ngun said. “We're just interested in what makes us tick.”

Very little is known about how human sexual preferences of any type arise, Vilain adds. That's especially true on a biological level. “Our research is not about homosexuality,” he says. “It's about understanding sexual attraction, the biology of desire.”

Gay FlagPrevious studies have found tentative genetic links to male sexual orientation, but no one has identified a “gay gene” or genes. Still, the development of sexuality seems to have origins early in life, maybe even stemming from cues in the womb. For instance, for each biological older brother a man has, his likelihood of being homosexual rises by 33 percent. That finding has been replicated in several studies and could indicate that some condition in the womb sets epigenetic marks, which later influence preference of sexual partners.

Our Stolen Future

A Science Primer

Hormones: “Endocrinology 101”

Hormone are released by various glands throughout the body. They act as chemical messengers guiding vital processes including the regulation of metabolism, reproduction, mental processes, and many aspects of development before birth.

The bodies chemical communications system has two basic components: though hormones themselves and special molecules, known as receptors, that receive the chemical messages. The body has hundreds of different kinds of receptors, each one designed to receive a particular kind of signal.

Environmental Hormones in the News

PBS Environmental Hormones in the News, News stories on environmental threats from hormone mimics abound these days. Many focus on the potential breast-cancer risks posed by a woman's exposure to pollutants that function like estrogen.

Then there are the reproductive scares. In certain wildlife populations, females appear to have lost the ability to successfully reproduce. In others, male animals have been born with feminized reproductive organs. There are even provocative, though spotty, human data suggesting that males may be suffering from unusual rates of genital malformations and testicular cancer, and from unusually low rates of sperm production.

Perhaps most troubling, the proportion of male births appears to be waning in many industrial countries. The source of the pollutants suspected of triggering at least some of these dire effects include common pesticides, plasticizers, fuel additives, and surfactants. Not only do trace quantities of them lace our air and drinking water, but some have been detected leaching into our foods--from plastic lined cans, from plastic coated papers, and from plastic bottles. …  Look it up, read the rest, I didn't make this up.

Estrogen Effects Linger in Male Fish

Science News 8/5/00 p.94

Estrogen-mimicking pollutants can trigger gender-bending effects in wildlife. For instance, male fish exposed to such hormonally active pollutants will make vitellogenin an egg-yolk protein that's normally fashioned only by females (SN: 1/8/94, p. 24). A new study finds that once initially spurred to make vitellogenin, males don't need a steady bath of estrogen to maintain high levels of the motherly protein.

Grace H. Panter of AstraZaneca in Brixham, England, and her colleagues exposed male fathead minnows to up to 120 parts per trillion (ppt) estrogen in water for 3 or 6 weeks. Some fish lived in tanks continuously laced with the hormone. Other fish spent half their time in clean water, either every other day or 3 days straight of every 6.

Minnows intermittently exposed to 120 ppt estrogen produced almost as much vitellogenin as those continuously bathed in that amount, Painter's team found. These fish also had roughly seven times as much vitellogenin as did males that had been continuously exposed to 60 ppt-the average amount the intermittent group experienced.

Most unexpectedly, even long interludes in clean water didn't substantially erase the hormone's impact. Male minnows spending 3 weeks in 120 ppt estrogen, followed by an equal time in clean water, ended up with vitellogenin concentrations " not significantly different" from those of fish that had spent the entire 6 weeks in the estrogen-tainted water, note Panter and her coworkers.

They report their findings in the July 1 Environmental Science & Technology.

No one yet knows what the long-term consequences are for male fish that have made vitellogenin. However, members of Panter's team previously showed that exposure to estrogenic pollution during a male fish's development can stunt the growth of its testes (SN: 2/26/94 p.142).

Estrogen's Emerging Manly Alter Ego

Science News December 6, 1997

by J. Raloff

Estrogen is usually described as the animal kingdom's primary female sex hormone. That's a gross oversimplification, however. Even that quintessentially male preserve -- the sperm -- depends on estrogen, scientists report this week. Without estrogen, males are infertile.

The new study, by Rex A. Hess at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his colleagues, focuses on estrogen's role in male reproductive function. Nevertheless, the researchers observe that their findings also suggest a mechanism by which DDT and other estrogen-mimicking pollutants (SN: 7/3/93, p. 10) could wreak havoc on fertility. If these weak estrogen's displace the body's more potent natural ones, they might diminish estrogen exposure -- and sperm activity (SN: 1/22/94, p. 56).

Hess and his colleagues study mutant mice. These animals were bred to produce estrogen normally, but they lack the gene for an estrogen receptor -- a protein that allows cells to take up the hormone. As a result, the mice cannot respond to the estrogen in their bodies.

Since this hormone plays a pivotal feminizing role in development,  •••  Did you read that?  "Feminizing role"   •••  Look it up, read the rest, I didn't make this up.  Good thing it only happens to fish, sic.  The article also contains a long list of references.


Position Paper by The Council for Responsible Genetics

Science News March 23, 2002 pg 181

Ben Harder

Three years of work by U.S. government scientists have identified at least 82 drugs, hormones, and other organic compounds that pollute national waterways. The individual contaminants, ranging from insect repellents to cattle antibiotics, appear at low concentrations. An independent study, however, indicates that the combined effects of such chemicals may spell trouble.

Taken together, the findings are "quite disturbing," says Ana M. Soto, an endocrinologist at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.

Past research has documented drugs, pesticides, and other contaminants in wastewater's in Europe (SN: 3/21/98, p. 187: and Canada (SN: 4/1/00, p. 212: The new study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is the first to thoroughly examine these substances in U.S. waterways. Earlier reports from the data had already indicated that several organic compounds turn up in drinking water (SN: 11/3/01, p. 285:

Look it up, read the rest, I didn't make this up.

References Sources

Science News Week of Feb. 5, 2000; Vol. 157, No. 6 pg.87

DDT treatment turns male fish into mothers

Injecting into fish eggs an estrogen-mimicking form of the pesticide DDT transforms genetically male medaka fish into apparent females able to lay eggs that produce young.  ••• Again, lucky us, it only happens to fish, <sic.>

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Male frogs exposed to even very low doses of a common weed killer can develop multiple sex organs -- sometimes both male and female -- researchers in California have discovered. "I was very much surprised," at the impact of atrazine on developing frogs, said Tyrone B. Hayes of the University of California at Berkeley. Atrazine is the most commonly used weed killer in North America, he said, and can be found in rainwater, snow runoff and ground water.   •••  Huh!  Frogs too.   Good thing it doesn't happen to humans, <sic.>

Washington Toxics Coalition

Human Evidence

Limits on Human Evidence

There are enormous barriers to obtaining human evidence linking pollutants to health problems. •••   It is called millions in re-election dollars.

Science News Volume 155, Number 20 (May 15, 1999)

References & Sources

The ignored estrogen in soy

Of the three estrogen-mimicking compounds in soy, glycitein occurs in the smallest quantities, but it appears the most potent and readily absorbed.
•••  Soy can be found in %60 of food eaten today. •••

     Science News Week of May 26, 2001; Vol. 159, No. 21

Soy estrogen laces paper-mill wastes

Pesticides Mess with Immunity: Double whammy

Promotes frog deformities

John Pickrell

Agricultural pollutants may conspire with parasites to derail frog development in many regions of North America, according to a new study.

Malformed frogs with bent spines and extra or missing hind limbs‑have been documented since the 1700s. However, since 1994, when Minnesota school children found deformities in many of the frogs they caught, unusually large numbers of malformed frogs have turned up from California to eastern Canada.    •••  Huh!  Frogs too.   Good thing it doesn't happen to humans, <sic>.

New(?) Concerns about Phthalates

Ingredients of common plastics, may harm boys as they develop. S/N Vol 158 #10

Phthalates. Difficult to spell and harder to sound out, this class of compounds would be forgettable if name didn't keep popping up in debates over the safety of intravenous-blood bags, food packaging, and children's toys.

Phthalates have become ubiquitous in modern society. Some of these oily substances find use as solvents, but most serve as softeners that make riged materials turn flexible. Worldwide, manufacturers produce an estimated billion pounds of phthalates annually. …  The EPA tested phthalates and found them to be safe.  The only problem with that was the millions the plastics industry has donated to politicians (if it was "safe" what would they have to worry about?) The phthalates were tested by themselves, not in combination with anything else.

Despite a half century of apparently safe use, several environmental and health groups and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in late 1998 called for the manufacturers of toys, baby pacifiers, and medical supplies to remove the most toxic of these chemicals from their products. At that time, scientists had linked cancer in adults to heavy exposure to some phthalates, animal studies had indicated that phthalates can cause organ damage, and chemists had demonstrated that phthalates could leak from plastics during use.

Complete article can be found at Science News Online. week of Sept 2, 2000.

More than Skin Deep? SN July 20, 2002 Vol 163 #3

Beauty products may damage fetal development

John Pickrell

A new report shows that many cosmetics contain phthalates--a class of chemicals known to cause developmental deformities in animals. The report, from three environmental-advocacy groups, recommends that women of childbearing age avoid using these products.

The study finds that many beauty products including some deodorants, fragrances, lotions, and hair sprays contain phthalates but that most omit the chemicals from the ingredients lists.
• Do a search for yourself, look this stuff up, I'm not making it up.

Science News Magazine Vol 155 #19 May 8 1999

Pollutant waits to smite salmon at sea

By J. Raloff

Canadian scientists have identified the likely culprit behind some historic, regional declines in Atlantic salmon. The researchers find that a near ubiquitous water pollutant can render young, migrating fish unable to survive a life at sea.

Heavy, late spring spraying of forests with a pesticide laced with nonylphenol during the 1970s and '80s was the clue that led the biologists to unmask that chemical's role in the transitory decline of salmon in East Canada. Though these sprays have ended, concentrations of nonylphenols in forest runoff then were comparable to those in the effluent of some pulp mills, industrial facilities, and sewage treatment plants today. Downstream of such areas, the scientists argue, salmon and other migratory fish may still be at risk.

Nonylphenols are surfactants used in products from pesticides to dishwashing detergents, cosmetics, plastics, and spermicidal. Because waste-treatment plants don't remove nonylphenols well, these chemicals can build up in downstream waters (SN: 1/8/94, p. 24).  

Pharm Pollution

Excreted antibiotics can poison plants

Patrick K. Jemba was curious about the interplay of protozoa and the bacteria they eat in soil. As part of his research, he began altering the organisms' environment. When he applied large amounts of protozoan-killing antibiotics to dirt around the roots of soybeans, Jemba was amazed at what happened. The drugs widely used in human and veterinary medicine did far more than subtly alter the balance of microbial predators and prey. One drug stunted soybeans, and another killed the plants.   •••  Hummm

Science News January 8, 1994

The Gender Benders

Are environmental "HORMONES, "Emasculating Wildlife?


Mother Nature. The term conjures up images of a warm, nurturing, bountiful environment. But this sobriquet is proving increasingly apt for another reason--one that should offer anything but comfort.

New studies suggest that through pollution and other environmental factors, Mother Nature is exerting a feminizing hormonal influence on the animal kingdom.

On Gays & Lesbians

I put something together the other day while thinking about the government and the way they will say anything or do anything to stay in power. Perhaps I'm losing it entirely but this makes perfect sense to me.

The idea sounded pretty crazy until I looked up who was paying politicians the big bucks.  I may not be exactly right, although I am trying to be accurate, but there is obviously something being overlooked these days be it intentional or by accident.


I was thinking about those rare but ocassional people they find with wading boots caught inside the lower part of out-houses that have a fetish for watching women take a dump.   Gross I know, but there are a few.   They have a scientific name for it, but it doesn't matter.   It is sick, really really sick and it isn't a choice.

I would like to add one more little caveat here.  SN Vol 165 # 21 (May 22, 2004) has a little blurb: "Filtered air cuts down mutations. • • • The microscopic particles cause heritable mutations by damaging the DNA of cells that give rise to sperm, • • •"   Now, while I feel this makes perfect sense to support my theory and there are hundreds of articles similar to this, that is only part of the story.

Elsewhere I was reading how scientists have found that DNA mutates at a very stable rate over long periods of time.   Figuring how long man has been on earth and how much genes mutated as compared to how much they should have mutated, they say there should be much more diversity in this world (in human beings) than there is.  They also have a theory telling why they figure that happened.  So what I'm trying to get at with all this argument is, 'don't tell me your gay by choice, it isn't helping.'  Lets say it like it is and get on with it.