"Lets Settle This"

Settle, they didn't, "FACTS" might get in the way.


The democrats and republicans are accusing each other of some pretty serious things yet saying such wonderful things about themselves.  Anyone that takes time to read the others comments, blog or WEB page would think they were not even talking about the same thing.  These are serious accusations on both sides, if somebody is wrong, and somebody has to be wrong, wouldn't you like to know who?

This is stupid.  Yelling at each other is pointless, it just hardens each to their own position and will not allow rational thought on any of the issues.  When it is not rational, that is what you call CRAZY!  What I'm proposing won't resolve anything but it is something.  I propose that you or some representative of your group (I'm basically talking to liberals now, although I have issues with both sides) meet somewhere where there is an internet connection, a computer with Adobe software & a printer, and video cameras, probably from both sides.

Now, here is the deal.  Each side will get time to present their indisputable evidence about some defining political issue.  "News" that was broadcast does not amount to proof, we all know the media lies.  It has to be source information, something neither side could have tampered with.

I don't know about you, but if I'm wrong, I want to know, show me.  I just figure I had looked at this objectively and came to my own conclusion, I did not relay on just what I heard or was told.   I will put this and the results, if any, on my WEB site, and they will reflect exactly as I can possibly make it, what ever happens.

Rules:  There needs to be a time limit for each side.  A list of those  attending shall be made public along with the findings.  No yelling and screaming and guns checked at the door.  

This is just a proposal, I would like to hear from the "other" side, either counter offers or a time and a place that we can finally get some answers.  No answer rather confirms you have no "hard" evidence and cannot survive "facts".

I would prefer a single meeting with all (figuring there are any takers) but I'm willing to accommodate anyone providing there are no skewing of results.

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Radio stations will be contacted via e-mail.

I'm probably blocked at all the TV stations so in addition I will hand deliver the same challenge to them (and the local newspaper ({Pravda is it?}).

There also needs to be a deadline, how about July 25th.  That should be far enough out that everybody has a chance to answer no matter what their case may be.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all agree on a time and place to meet than do it?  I would like to see somebody at least try to resolve this issue.  I honestly don't expect anyone to bite however.

If you don't answer, nothing really happens except I get bragging rights.  "The liberals prove themselves once again to be all talk, no substance."  It proves "Bias" in the media and not surprising: "The media is intertwined with the current administration.  CNN president Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary's deputy secretary.  CBS president David Rhodes is brothers with top LIM official Ben Rhodes.  ABC president Ben Sherwood sibling is Elizabeth Sherwood, LIM special adviser."  I can only assume it is because you want the current political climate to continue (loss of freedoms, massive debt, loss of world standing, destruction of the US) and I get to tell anybody that will listen.  I will post this and results, no matter what they are, on my WEB site for all to see.

LIM: Hussain Obama  (Lying Illegal Muslim)

6-22   E-mails sent out, first two hard copies hand delivered.

8-19-2015   Of course, not a soul answered.  I'm in the slow process of sending follow-ups which will do nothing. 

I had originally thought that the reason the congressmen didn't do anything was they have been warned by the justice department (Eric Holder) about saying anything about obama's being illegal, saying they will be immediately imprisoned if they do.   That in itself should say something about obama's illegitimacy.  So I'm wondering if the same hasn't happened to the national media and what does that tell you.

I have since realized the reason the majority of them won't raise any alarms is because they too are so corrupt, they don't want any spotlight shining on them.

August 27 2015

Of course, I got no reply so I sent a follow-up letter along with some pictures and a recent e-mail wondering why we can send millions to all these countries that hate us and cut benefits to our veterans.

This is one of the letters, they were quite similar with minor points on some for specific stations.

Medford Tribune

August 22, 2015

I wrote you earlier and challenged you to prove the current administrations legality and of course I got no response.  I didn't expect any, I don't know what happened to the mentality of ignoring facts.  You don't seem to care at the chipping away of the US constitution and the Bill of Rights but than again, that makes it closer to shari law than, doesn't it where rape is the woman's fault, honor killings, killing of a non-muslim is the same as killing a dog, 126 times in their bible (the quam), it says "convert or die" but you don't get it. Of the top 10 free nations in the world, did you know, we are not on that list?   But we are on the list of the 10 nations in the world that can detain one of its citizens indefinitely with no recourse.   Homeland Security they call it, the LIM's 'Brown Shirts', but I bet you don't know what that means.  Sig Heil!

First amendment, the freedom of speech, do you know what this administration has done?  "The largest hearing room the Senate has in the Hart Building was standing-room only on Tuesday when the Senate Judiciary Committee held its hearing on the resolution proposed by Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) that would amend the First Amendment and give Congress unlimited, plenary power to restrict political speech and political activity."   I'm sorry the link has changed somewhat, I can't copy everything to my WEB site.  Freedom of speech, freedom to gather, down the drain.  They are following Hitler's footsteps. They are so afraid of being found out, they want to make it against the law and you are helping.  Of course you know what they are doing to the second amendment, you probably think it is a good thing.  I can give you a hundred examples of why it is not but I am positive you would not look at them.   WWW.dumbellnebula.com/firearms_refresher_course.htm 
In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control.
From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.  15 more examples at www.dumbellnebula.com/guncontrol2.htm

Well, you can see where this is going.  In a previous letter/e-mail to you I pointed out how the democrats tried 8 times in the 2 years before that illegal was elected, to change the law so he would be legal.   Why would they do that if he is legal?  It is in the congressional record, at least it was last time I looked.   That is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak and yet you do nothing.  A free media is part of the democratic government unfortunately, it is not free anymore.   Obama (henceforth called the LIM) among the many lies prior to election said he wanted to bring Americans together.  Has there ever been a more devisive and illegal president?  Called a black thug "if I had a son - - -."  You probably haven't even read this far, point in fact.  

Well, I suggested we get together somewhere where there was internet and work this all out, prove me wrong or prove you wrong, but I didn't hear from you.  Gotcha.  

I'm not going away.   I'm going to use the fact that you don't even respond let alone try to resolve the problem, as an issue against you.  I doubt you have heard the last of me.

Don't take this in anyway as a personal threat, it is purely political and you are clearly politically biased.  Politically, you should be in prison.  

News, I didn't see on your station:
INDIA: Two Muslim brothers beheaded their teenage sister and carried her head through their village because of her alleged affair with a cousin.
[OH yeah, incest is not only OK in islam, they seek it out...]

Obama Regime is bringing in tens of thousands of Muslims as "refugees" but slams the door on persecuted and enslaved Christian and Yazidi refugees.  Illegal obama brought 600,000 muslims to the US last year alone. (LIM voters)  Guess where the bed-bug epidemic came from?  Guess who is stuffing obamacare with genetic (in-breeding) long-term medical problems?

Definition:   LIM   Lying Illegal Muslim.

You have a good day...

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