(Extremely) Low level waste hazards

Were talking a drop in an Olympic size swimming pool

(http://www.eic.org). To capsulize what was said, Hormones are the bodies chemical messenger and they interact with something called receptors. So today with so many additives to our food and environment, so many chemicals being created and released accidentally or purposely it turns out that many of these chemicals fool the receptors into thinking 'they' are the messenger and are absorbed into the cellular structure. So here we are in the 21st century and virtually everybody has at least some Hormone Disrupting Chemicals (HDC) in our systems and without question some areas are going to be more susceptible than others. But by far the most susceptible are the unborn. Just imagine the problems that could be caused to a just forming human being if some of the earliest hormones (messenger) is gets are the wrong ones. It turns out that is one of the things most affected is the sex organ.