Molested as a child

6-1-05 It was recently in the news that one of the more famous lesbians, Ellen DeGeneress, has admitted to having been molested as a child.   One doesn't have to look far to find somebody that has been molested when they were young, the Catholic Church is a chilling example of what has gone on.   One of the really scary aspects of this is only a fraction of the people molested as children  have come forth either because they are embarrassed or because, as often happens, the mind has blocked it out.   But  the scares are there and there is no way to tell what the effect they will have on a grown adult.   The psychology books are full of examples of this.

    I don't mean to imply if your gay you have been molested as a child, but it is a possibility.   Having been molested as a child, whether you remember it or not, will have an effect on you.   Now if that effect means you prefer the same sex (by choice?) doesn't mean it is your choice, you have some wires crossed.   Now to you, for instance, you may feel perfectly normal except for the sex thing yet somewhere in the complex wiring of the mind, a wire is crossed, disconnected or reconnected in the wrong place.   There are documented cases of people making that mental connection in their adult life.

    Again on television recently, they caught a sexual predator they think may have molested a thousand children or more, and we will never know.   So what do you think is going to happen to those thousand children?    If I said there was a good chance many of them would turn into sexual predators themselves in later life most people would agree with that.   If I said there is a good chance this will cause a lot of the children to become homosexual, many will say 'No!' espically the 'Gay' community.   They want it to be CHOICE.    Well, I want to be rich and powerful but it just ain't happening.