Creeping Sharia

Female Muslim Judge Sworn in on Quran

Rejoice Obama supporters! Your dream of destroying America is coming true.


First federal Islamic Judge

The first Muslim woman judge - Carolyn Walker - was hand-picked by President Obama and sworn in as judge of the 7th Municipal District, Brooklyn, choosing to swear her oath of office holding the HOLY QURAN at the Brooklyn Boro Hall on December 10, 2015.  It was a historic day!  Oddly enough, there was almost no media coverage of this event . . . .
Since the Quran forbids all law but Sharia Law, isn't it reasonable to assume that Her Honor will head the first federally sanctioned SHARIA COURT. 
Makes one proud, doesn't it?  "Gives me chills up my legs" said Chris Mathews.
Another little chink in the armor?  A small, quiet erosion here and there.  No one cares, until it's too late.  Step by step by step....this is how American culture will end.
Rejoice Obama supporters!  Your dream of destroying America is coming true. 

From Truth or Fiction:

It's true that Carolyn Walker-Diallo was sworn in as a municipal judge using a Quran, but she isn't America's first female Muslim judge.

Carolyn Walker-Diallo was elected as civil court judge in Brooklyn's 7th Municipal District in 2015. Walker-Diallo referenced her faith in a post on her campaign website after she was elected to the bench:

Then, in December 2015, Carolyn Walker-Diallo took the oath of office on Quran while wearing a traditional hijab. Photos showing Walker-Diallo holding the Quran at the swearing-in ceremony quickly ignited controversy on social media and blog sites:

Carolyn Walker-Diallo drew anti-Islamic criticism after photos of the ceremony went viral, and her supporters "feared for her safety," the New York Daily News reports. She has since declined to comment on the matter.

But contrary to viral reports, Carolyn Walker-Diallo was not the first elected official to take the oath of office on the Quran. The honor belongs to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) who was sworn into office in 2007 on a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson, USA Today reports.

Carolyn Walker-Diallo wasn't the country's first female Muslim judge, either. Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm appointed Charlene Mekled Elder to sit on a U.S. federal court as judge in April 2006. A press release said that she was the first female Muslim judge to hold a judicial position in the country.