Republicans, another name for CORRUPTION?

Taking money from big business, again.

It's part of a push by groups, including the U.S. Chamber, to relax the FCC's robocalling rules.

by Tony Romm@TonyRomm May 23, 2017,; 5:16pm EDT

Republicans want to leave you more voicemail – without ever ringing your cellphone.

But forgive them, they are after all, integrityless, heartless, gold digging, scum bag politicians

It's not the first time this issue has come before the FCC. Another provider, called VoAPPs, sought the agency's blessings for ringless voicemail in 2014, but it never received a ruling. Since then, similar campaigns have drawn legal threats – including All About the Message LLC, which is facing a lawsuit for its use of the technology. To that end, it's also asking the FCC to spare it from any potential legal liability. (A lawyer for the firm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

In doing so, its push for ringless voicemail has drawn new support from the business community's most powerful lobbying group in Washington, D.C. In its own comment to the FCC, also filed Friday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce lamented the rise of class-action lawsuits targeting companies under the anti-robocall law, called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA.

To that end, it also urged the FCC to stand down. The Commission cannot continue to sweep new technologies into this technologically archaic statute, the Chamber said.

Trump is 'on board' with this too.