The curious thing about this is, it was over 1000 pages when it started out and although the version voted on and passed was 1000 pages +, it gets edited down less than 500 pages.  Somebody tell me what is going on...
Here is one page exactly as written of the 400+ pages.

Bill Text Versions

111th Congress (2009-2010)

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Enrolled Bill [Final as Passed Both House and Senate]

established a Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative
Effectiveness Research (in this section referred to as the ‘‘Council’’).
(b) PURPOSE.—The Council shall foster optimum coordination
of comparative effectiveness and related health services research
conducted or supported by relevant Federal departments and agen-cies,
with the goal of reducing duplicative efforts and encouraging
coordinated and complementary use of resources.
(c) DUTIES.—The Council shall—
(1) assist the offices and agencies of the Federal Govern-ment,
including the Departments of Health and Human Serv-ices,
Veterans Affairs, and Defense, and other Federal depart-ments
or agencies, to coordinate the conduct or support of
comparative effectiveness and related health services research;
(2) advise the President and Congress on—
(A) strategies with respect to the infrastructure needs
of comparative effectiveness research within the Federal
Government; and
(B) organizational expenditures for comparative
effectiveness research by relevant Federal departments and

H. R. 1—74
(1) NUMBER AND APPOINTMENT.—The Council shall be com-posed
of not more than 15 members, all of whom are senior
Federal officers or employees with responsibility for health-
related programs, appointed by the President, acting through
the Secretary of Health and Human Services (in this section
referred to as the ‘‘Secretary’’). Members shall first be appointed
to the Council not later than 30 days after the date of the
enactment of this Act.
(A) IN GENERAL.—The members of the Council shall
include one senior officer or employee from each of the
following agencies:
(i) The Agency for Healthcare Research and
(ii) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Serv-ices.
(iii) The National Institutes of Health.
(iv) The Office of the National Coordinator for
Health Information Technology.
(v) The Food and Drug Administration.
(vi) The Veterans Health Administration within
the Department of Veterans Affairs.
(vii) The office within the Department of Defense
responsible for management of the Department of
Defense Military Health Care System.
(B) QUALIFICATIONS.—At least half of the members
of the Council shall be physicians or other experts with
clinical expertise.
(3) CHAIRMAN; VICE CHAIRMAN.—The Secretary shall serve
as Chairman of the Council and shall designate a member
to serve as Vice Chairman.
(1) INITIAL REPORT.—Not later than June 30, 2009, the
Council shall submit to the President and the Congress a
report containing information describing current Federal activi-ties
on comparative effectiveness research and recommenda-tions
for such research conducted or supported from funds
made available for allotment by the Secretary for comparative
effectiveness research in this Act.
(2) ANNUAL REPORT.—The Council shall submit to the Presi-dent
and Congress an annual report regarding its activities
and recommendations concerning the infrastructure needs,
organizational expenditures and opportunities for better
coordination of comparative effectiveness research by relevant
Federal departments and agencies.
(f) STAFFING; SUPPORT.—From funds made available for allot-ment
by the Secretary for comparative effectiveness research in
Act, the Secretary shall make available not more than 1 percent
the Council for staff and administrative support.
(1) COVERAGE.—Nothing in this section shall be construed
to permit the Council to mandate coverage, reimbursement,
or other policies for any public or private payer.
(2) REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS.—None of the reports
submitted under this section or recommendations made by the
Council shall be construed as mandates or clinical guidelines
for payment, coverage, or treatment.