Where does Terrorism Come From?

The old adage that history repeats itself is evident in today's turmoil. Thinking back to what I learned about at the end of WW I, the European countries wanted to punish Germany for the war and as a result the people of Germany were left at a serious disadvantage trying to get ahead for themselves as well as pay this 'debt' imposed on them by the European community. These were the seeds of WW II, a repressed people who felt unjustly burdened. During the early parts of WW II Britain seriously considered using poison gas on German troops if they tried to invade Britain, something they had sworn not to do. This is what desperate people do in desperate situations. Japan planned on using poison gas and germ warfare via balloons and the jet stream which we all know they tested using explosives and incendiary devices, again a last ditch act of a desperate people. Back then we were able to control the press somewhat and it was miraculously kept out of the media and consequently Japan never learned their devices were getting here. The Kamikazes were definitely an act of desperation, no doubt there. Near the end of WW II the United States considered using poison gas and/or biological agents if we were forced to invade the Japanese mainland due to the fanatical (desperate) resistance and casualties it would cause. Frustration and fear of causalities for no reason prompted this action.

As far back as time is written I think you will find that when people were put in hopeless situations they often struck out any way they could without regard to the chances of survival. There was literally 'no other choice.' It is the oldest human emotion, to survive. So at the end of WW II the 'free' world was feeling a little guilty about what was done to the jews in Germany created a nation in a place where 'A,' history tells us where the Jewish people came from and 'B,' probably more importantly; at a place of least resistance to start a new nation. A short history of Israel might be appropriate here.

If you look at a map of Israel you can see that not only are the Palestinians surrounded by Israel but they are split up into several separate groups. There is the West Bank which I gather is the West Bank of the Jordan River and there is the Gaza Strip on the West side of the country. According to history the UN proposed the making of Israel but never ratified it. The Jewish people in (now Israel) proclaimed themselves a nation which all of the surrounding countries objected to. There were a number of wars essentially started by the surrounding Arab countries but Israel has prevailed and ended up with substantially more land, most of which they never gave back unlike almost every other nation in the world. Then Israel started making " settlements " in Gaza and the West Bank occupied lands. Now think for a moment, do you think they took the best or the worst land?

All of these maps and many more are available at http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/israel.html#country.html.

So here we have people boxed in, split up, put down and economically repressed pretty much by the country of Israel whose primary means of support is the U.S.. And you wonder why Israel and the US are targets of their anger?

To be honest I really don't care for a lot of things about Arab's in general and admittedly I don't know a whole lot about them. Most of what I do know I find disgusting and without merit of any kind. Probably if Israel wasn't there they would be killing each other and I really wouldn't care. But Israel is there and has given them something in common to hate, Israel. As the U.S. is their biggest supporter we are hated too. I think Israel has brought a lot of the problems on to itself by its actions over the last 30 or 40 years, not to say with knowing what little I do know about the Arabs in general, I would probably have a lot of trouble with them if I lived next to them too so on one hand I can see their point. On the other hand, they have really 'busted their butts' to shove Israel down the worlds throat and damn the consequences e.g. declaring Jerusalem as their capital yet most nations keep their embassy in Telavi. This is a consequence and I feel they should be dealing with it differently. Our best plan would to divorce ourselves of Israel as far as possible (e.g. cut off all aid) if that were possible.

If you listen carefully you will hear what their intention is. The Israelis will tell you that "God" promised 'this' "Palestinian" land and they intend to take it back. Jews in the U.S. even say that. So if the grand plan is to "take back" the land then all this jockeying around now, all these 'Peace talks' are a lie. Israel simply intends to take the Palestinian land and will probably do so with the help of the U.S..

E.g. www.villagevoice.com/issues/0335/mondo2.php Mondo Washington

by James Ridge way

Jesus Saves . . . Israel's Land

Evangelicals Pray for Middle East Piece

August 27 - September 2, 2003

In a recent trip through the Bible Belt to whip up interest among evangelicals for coming to Israel, tourism minister Benyamin Elon won enthusiastic endorsement from a coalition of 1,700 churches called the Jerusalem Prayer Team. "Bible-believing Christians believe all that land belongs to Israel," declared Ed McAteer, co-founder years ago of Moral Majority and the founder of the Religious Roundtable, an umbrella organization of evangelical groups. "It is a fatal, fatal mistake that George Bush is making," he says about the Middle East road map plan. "He is probably the most powerful man in the world, but he ain't more powerful than God. And God gave them that land. Every grain of sand on that piece of property belongs to the Jews because God gave it to them.

It is in their music:

God promised the land of Israel to the Jews thousands of years ago. He won't let anyone take it away. A teaching from Pat Robertson.

Jacob's Ladder is the place where God gave Jerusalem, Hebron, and all of Palestine and much more to Israel.

Search Google, See for yourself. I searched for "Israel, land, god gave"

10-17-03 Update... I thought a suicide terrorists would be somebody who was destitute and hopeless. If you believe the article by Scott Atran (a noted anthropologist) in Discover Mag. Vol 34 #10 or the October 03 issue,  it seems I was half right. It seems that most and I mean like %70 are educated people often with good jobs. (I don't personally subscribe to this) As for the hopelessness well, it seems if they can’t win cause in a ‘legal’ or ‘normal’ fashion they will resort to suicide terrorism. I’ll make only one quote from the article so not to boor anybody. “What’s the cause of suicide terrorism? As a tactical weapon, it emerges when an ideologically devoted people find that they cannot possibly obtain their ends in a sort of fair fight, and when they know they are in a weak position.” It was a bit enlightening to me.

If there is one thing I would like a person reading this to remember it is, despite what they say, the 'media is very biased.' Look for yourself, decide for yourself, get involved.