The FDA, pawns of the Pharmacutical Companies

The public gets screwed again and again and again.

US: FDA received over 1 million petition signatures and letters demanding that GMO foods be labeled as such, but they counted each petition as only one comment even though it may have contained hundreds or thousands of signatures from different people; thus, they reported only 394 comments in favor of labeling. NaturalSociety 2012 Mar 30

Pink Slime

3-16-12   Gerald Zirnstein, a former USDA scientist who coined the term, quit his job after his bosses approved its use in our beef and now grinds his own hamburger meat to avoid digesting the stuff. In an interview, he recalled that when he brought up the issue to former undersecretary of agriculture, Joann Smith, she simply responded that "it’s pink, therefore it’s meat."
She now works for the company that produces pink slime and has made millions of dollars as a result of her legalizing the use of the cheap excuse for real meat.

FDA Can't see

The FDA seems to have a little trouble seeing.

If you want a lifetime patsy job, what you do is get hired by the FDA. You will be wined and dined by one (or more) of over a thousand drug and chemical companies local and foreign. Than after a few years of "favorable" decisions, you can retire with a fat paycheck sitting at a do-nothing position on the board of one of the drug companies you "helped."

I believe they call that a "perk" when you can put friends in lucrative government jobs. I wonder how much you have to "tip" a congressman to get hired to one of the lucrative jobs at the FDA?

Corrupt FDA officials Excuted in China
China Executes FDA Chief

Search for yourself, I had 574,000 hits when I searched Google using "FDA" and "Corrupt" as search words.

When the FDA tests a new 'drug,' they are tested individually, that is to say they are not necessarily tested for interactions with other chemicals or drugs, certainly not all of them.

FDA dangers
Trust the FDA [sic]

So what happens to the patient when it is combined with other drugs, chemicals, or real world contaminants? What if the drug reacts to perchlorate, fluoride, alcohol, Cilas, Alli, Avandia, Requip, Vytorin, Benadryl, Prozack, Viagra, Lipotor, Relacore, Zetia, BGH, Zelnrom, Advair, Aspertain, Splenda, Ambian, Atrazine, bovine growth hormone, MSG or some chemical or say one of the over 1500 "approved" additives/preservatives prepared food? What about one of the over 15000 additives tried in cigarette tobacco that the tobacco industry isn't even required to report?

But what am I saying? The FDA doesn't really test drugs, no they don't. What happens is the manufacture tells the FDA they tested the drug and the FDA usually accepts their results. So how objective is that? However, if you are a little start-up company or maybe somebody who sells "Alternative Medicine", not only will they demand extensive testing on your part, the FDA will put the you through rigorous testing and of course it will either fail and/or you go broke testing your own product. This is not speculation, it is a fact. The pharmaceutical companies actually control the FDA, there are billions of dollars at stake, they don't take competition or negative findings lightly.

FDA disaster
"Inside" the FDA approval process

Just think about it a minute, an opportunity like this comes along and you think industry isn't going to jump on it? Example, the pharmaceutical manufactures are or were (who knows, maybe they still are) selling 10 times the amount of "cold" remedies to just south of the Mexican border than that area could possibly use. Everybody including the Pharmaceuticals knew/know they are being resold to Meth manufactures but the pharmaceuticals don't care, there only concern is the bottom line. There is money to be made. It isn't illegal (un-ethical as hell) and it is just too damn convenient and lucrative to pass up. $$$

The last few days (1-16-08) a news story has broke about the drug company "Schering-Plough" the makers of Vytorin/Zetia. Not only does the drug not do what it was made to do, the manufacture after finding that out, changed the objective. On top of that, something that should be setting off alarm bells in every bodies mind, they have know it was ineffective for 18 months. "House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to the two manufacturers asking for the findings — and noting that the endpoint of the study specified in the companies' original study design differed suspiciously from that submitted to the government's clinical trials database in October 2007. "We are concerned · · · with the apparent manipulation of trial data," the letter read. The CEO of Schering-Plough sold his 700,000 shares of the company just prior to the release of the information.

We are talking about 18 (B) billion dollars here in the statin industry. With this blatant FDA failure and pharmaceutical cover up congress has come out saying they are "shocked" that something like this could happen. The information they got with their check from the "pahrms" probably said everything was hunky dory I suspect.

Right now (12-07) the FDA has 'certified' "AMBIEN" (Zolpidem) as 'SAFE' for the public but they are finding out it is not. People are driving while in a state of sleep (that's safe?), using dangerous equipment and even people in the medical profession find themselves in a dreamworld long after the effects of AMBIEN were supposed to have worn off. Did the maker of Zolpidem take it off the market? NO! Why should they, they can't be sued, there is no incentive. They put a "label" on the drug. "Caution, when using this drug you might be in a state of sleep when you shouldn't be." [sic] That really comforts the people run over by the driver on AMBIEN.