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Soy, making you Gay

I put something together the other day while thinking about the government/politicians and the way they will say anything or do anything to stay in power. Perhaps I'm losing it entirely but this makes perfect sense to me. The government/industry just loves the gay controversy, they use it just like the government used the UFO hysteria to hide military secrets. It confounds me that this never hit the media or was never under investigation, but of course, it has become a liberal issue. The government/industry doesn't want you to realize the effects of pollution/industry because they are getting lots of money from those very people to hide that fact.


Think about this. If you were a very large company and you had thousands of tons of garbage every year that you had to throw away but somebody had the idea, 'What if we could sell it instead?' "Good idea, but to who and for what?" Well, you can't sell it to another company because they are too smart for that so who could you sell it too?

The Public, of course. How do you sell something that is worse than worthless to the public? Get an advertising campaign going and tell them just the opposite, in other words, lie! How can you get away with this? Your a big company and you contribute lots of money to politicians already so you just have them call off 'the dogs' i.e. any monitoring (as Monsanto did in the case of Round Up) of what you're doing and not only is you're waste problem solved but your getting paid for it and in at least one case, the public is literally eating your garbage. Check this well documented site there are 28 pages of one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American citizen, and it could very well be the cause of people's genes getting screwed up. http://www.TruthAboutSoy.com/. Oops, sorry, they got bought out, and closed down.  Search the WEB for SOY or Hormone Disrupting Chemicals.

I was searching the internet for information about the effects of toxic waste & found this much bigger problem. I had been reading about the effects of combinations of low level wastes (we are talking parts per billion or even trillion) that combined; multiplied their toxicity effects on the body which effectively put the government toxic standards, which only tests one substance at a time; in the toilet. I think the article would be well worth reading except the site doesn't seem to exist anymore The information is still available by searching the WEB for Hormone Disrupting Chemicals.. To capsulize what was said, Hormones are the bodies' chemical messenger and they interact with something called receptors. So today with so many additives to our food and environment, so many chemicals being created and released accidentally or purposely it turns out that many of these chemicals fool the receptors into thinking 'they' are the messenger and are absorbed into the cellular structure. So here we are in the 21st century and virtually everybody has at least some Hormone Disrupting Chemicals (HDC) in our systems and without question some areas are going to be more susceptible than others. But by far the most susceptible are the unborn. Just imagine the problems that could be caused to a just forming human being if some of the earliest hormones (messages) it gets are the wrong ones. It turns out that one of the things most affected is the sex organs.

Take the time to follow some of the below listed active links that tell how so many creatures in the wild have their sex confused, changed or destroyed because of HDC. Why is it so many think this happens to animals in the wild but not to humans? Of course humans are affected. More and more people are born with their x & y genes all messed up. Than there are people that have chemical imbalances that confuses their sex either physically or mentally or both. Than there are the wannabes, these people would identify with a flat bed truck if they thought it made them part of something. I think shouting from the roof tops that you are gay because it is their sexual preference is like a harelip saying 'that' is their personal preference. A gay person is handicapped, end of story.


Taken from the site that no longer exist.  These were links. I urge you to Google them individually, there is nothing like seeing it for yourself.

Hydrogenated foods then are toxic because they contain:

The fiction that hydrogenated margarine is superior to butter can be seen for what it is: Marketing hype -- Madison Avenue on Ecstasy. And the reason is what -- no cholesterol? Please! Of course margarine contains no cholesterol -- it's closer to a plastic than to a food. That's why soybean oil is also used (and more easily made into I might add) as the base for paint, varnish, and linoleum!


Now present in 60% of America's foods, soy turns up in a lot of places where it's not even listed as soy.

Names like:

are all that is required by the FDA. Generally these terms indicate that the product contains hydrogenated soybean oil, probably from GM plants.


The seed companies are being bought up by the herbicide industry.


The same people that brought you:

EPA & FDA wimp out on Toxicity Levels.

There are many WEB sites out there containing the complete information on soy, I urge you to check these out or search for yourself. I would suggest using the search phrase "truth about soy" to find them. There is a very good one in New Zeland for sure. If your too lazy to read here is a U-tube answer for you.