Unit 731: Nightmare in Manchuria by the Japanese

From a tape available on the History Channel.

Beginning in the mid 1930s a man named Shito Ishe (sp) in the Japanese military did biological and chemical testing on tens of thousands; largely Chinese, in the town of Harbin in Manchuria. It was called "Unit 731." This particular site was selected because of the fact that it was so remote they could get away with doing anything: and they did, with an endless supply of human victims which the Japanese referred to as loosely translated "logs.

Japan was one of the co-signers of the Geneva convention against such weaponry after World War I. During the more than ten years of operation the Japanese did literally every kind of test they could think of to find out how the human body would react to chemicals, diseases and even cold. They would watch as people died of hypothermia, diseases and various chemical agents in order to build up their own chemical and biological warfare arsenal. One of the most grisly facts was they felt it important to see the effects on the body while it happened. Therefore many people were dissected while they were still alive and without anesthesia Testing was not restricted to the interior of the facility. They also sent various chemical and biological agents into the surrounding area to see its effect on the population. As the fortunes of war turned against the Japanese the plan was to use this type of warfare against United States using long distance balloons. The initial testing was done with explosive and incendiary agents which as history has shows us, a number of them reached the United States mostly the West coast but one of them reached as far as Minnesota.

Hold on, it gets worse. There were American prisoners sent to this facility. In the last few days of the war when the emperor knew they would have to surrender, word was sent to destroy all evidence of its existence. There were still some 400 prisoners/victims within the compound that were simply killed as they were evidence. There were no survivors. When the war ended United States sent scientists to the site to study what had been going on. Shito Ishe played his cards well in that he said he would help us in interpreting the data if no charges were brought against him in his people. Unbelievably the "scientists" convinced our government it would be a good idea and Shito Ish and his people were never prosecuted even though they never completed their end of the bargain. He died a hero in Japan of natural causes in the 60's

I just discovered this U-tube on the same subject. It is very grisly, the faint of heart should not watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAp8bSdE5MQ and there is also this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlXDEe1_8GA&feature=related also on the video is mentioned this WEB site. www.rapeofnanking.info I am personally a little mad at the Japanese because we have an international whaling agreement with them that stops the harvesting of whales except for scientific purposes. The Japanese have harvested over 10,000 whales "for scientific purposes" since that agreement. What crap, huh!