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It's nice to see the mainstream media suddenly care about ethics, transparency & conflicts of interest. Where were they for the last 8 years? ....Oh I know, up (illegal) obama's butt!

The real job before us is not cleaning up the mess obama created. The real one is cleaning up the mess that created obama.

Tell me about it. (answer to comment on FB) My whole WEB site is dedicated to this fact. Scumbag, self-serving politicians are the problem. e.g
  • powdered milk should cost less than half of regular milk but the Milk lobby, an already highly subsidized product, put a few dollars in politicians pockets and you pay more, the industry fat cats and the politician get richer..
  • Same with the sugar industry. Companies have moved to Canada because sugar is cheaper there. Only one company is allowed to import sugar into the US and he gives to both parties.
  • Honey you buy that says "Honey" on the label is probably corn syrup, from another highly subsidized crop.
  • Olive oil could very well containing other oils, cheaper oils, and they don't have disclose it on the label. and you thought the law said they had to say what was in the bottle.
  • Even asphalt; for criss sake, has a lobby. It turns out that putting recycled glass in asphalt makes it last longer but the self-serving; deep throat; ass kissing; narcissistic politicians pocketed a few bucks and you will never see legislation for putting that waste product to good use.
  • The tobacco lobby. They have paid out 10's of millions in bribes and favors until we no longer call addiction to this narcotic a drug, but now it is a 'habit', something you do by choice.
  • Hard as it is to imagine but worse than the tobacco lobby would be the pharmaceutical industry. They have spent 100's of millions lobbying and convincing congressmen to do their bidding, blocking certain (cheaper) or alternative drugs and convincing politicians they should be paid directly from the government as now happens with medicaid and medicare. A 100 billion dollar industry. They own congress, they pretty do what they want.
  • Banking.. If a bank does something wrong, illegal, and the bank is fined millions of dollars, not the purpatrators, not the crooks but the stock holder has to pay the fine and the banker retires with a 6 figure "golden parachute" and a 9 figure retirement.
  • Saturn.. A new car maker started to give the market a little competition and they were not a member of the UAW so the UAW got word to obama and he illegally shut down the manufacture.
If you re-elect a politician, ANY politician, than you are part of the problem. After 8 years politicians should be used for fertilizer and sewer plants and diseases should be named after them.

There is actually a WEB site called Liberal Logic.