"Terror war comes home: White supremacist kills 6 Sikhs in Wisconsin," but when a Muslim is involved, the word "terrorist" is never used nor is it ever said it was done for religious reasons.

The Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan yelled "allah akbar" before shooting people at Ft. Hood yet there is no mention of this being a terrorists act or having been done for religious reasons.  To date his reasons have not been forthcoming.

The DHS continues with the white terrorist narrative

August 18, 2011 by One Radical

The Department of Homeland Security (sic) has released yet another video depicting whites as terrorists.

DHS is depicting only "Whites" as terrorists.

AWOL Muslim soldier guilty in Fort Hood bomb plot
WACO, Texas (AP) – A federal jury on Thursday convicted a Muslim soldier on six charges in connection with a failed plot to blow up a Texas restaurant full of Fort Hood troops, his religious mission to get "justice" for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

New Muslim Ft. Hood Suspect Was Recently Featured on…Al Jazeera
Nearly two years after the tragic Ft. Hood shooting, an arrest earlier today has authorities worried about another potential incident at the military post.

But you never hear the word 'Terrorist' or 'Terror' mentioned.