Kate Brown, governor of Oregon

New meaning to the Lunacy of Liberalism

or what happens when a moron is put in a place of Power

Governor Kate Brown Saves the ocean from drying up

I don't have a date on this but early on KB administration had the watering of the greenery alongside the freeways turned off in order to conserve water, thus saving the Pacific Ocean from going dry. <sic>

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Kate Brown’s Attention Deficit Disorder

Cascade Policy Institute November 8, 2017

The most serious problem facing Oregon right now is the exploding costs of the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). The PERS crisis is so severe that the Oregon Legislature should make it the only issue addressed in the February 2018 legislative session.
But Governor Brown isn’t interested in reducing the PERS liability. That would take too much work and might offend her public employee union campaign contributors. So instead she has signed two Executive Orders purporting to address “climate change,” ahead of her jaunt to Bonn, Germany next week to attend a United Nations conference on global warming.
Address the longstanding mismanagement of federal lands in Oregon was evidently overlooked.
Admit that walking away from the 221 million cash offer from a private consortium to buy the money-losing Elliott State Forest was a mistake & calling a special meeting of the land board to reverse the May decision, was out of the question.

Kate Brown’s Math Problem

john a. charles jr. January 11, 2017

She deems the housing problem a top priority yet the State of Oregon required 2 years to get permits to build a 2-300 unit low cost housing area. If it is going to take the state this long, this much trouble, think how difficult it is for a private company. This is socialism, this is bureaucracy, but she doesn't think, she is working on more regulation.

TriMet giddy about new taxes giving them more money than they can spend except the "union" requires all mechanics to go through a two year apprenticeship program regardless of their training and there will not be enough mechanics to do the work.

Per pupil spending in Portland public schools for this year 16-17 is budgeted @ $13,986 per pupile. Oregon qualitative education model (QEM) suggests adequate per-pupil funding should be $12,993. That is 8% above the QEM gold standard. But Kate has time (and money) to go to Bonn, Germany for a conference on climate change (at tax payer expense).

the Oregon Health Authority now admits the state approved Medicade payments for "dead people".

Lets not forget we spent 300 million for a health insurance WEB site that never happened. So if you were governor and paid a friend a friend 300 million to help keep you in office, how would you hide it? 100 million here and a 100 million there, after a while it adds up.

Governor Brown Wants Oregonians to “Take One for the Global Team” over CO2

john a. charles jr. September 13, 2017

“Facing Reality” Report Offers Solutions to Governor Brown’s $1.7 Billion Budget Hole Without Raising Taxes

Oregon Failing 1 in 4 Students

You would think this would be a priority but instead KB goes to Bonn, Germany on the Oregon taxpayer nickel to a conference on "global warming" like there is really something she knows or could do about it. Paid vacation anyone?
Oregon’s high school graduation rates were an embarrassingly low 75% in 2015-16. Sadly, Oregon is almost 10% below the national average and has ranked among the worst five states for five years in a row. This is unacceptable. We are failing our children and grandchildren.


Don’t Allow the Skimming of Medicaid Funds for Unions

Cascade Policy Institute December 11, 2017

By Aaron Withe and Steve Buckstein

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are skimmed off the top of Medicaid payments intended for some of society’s most vulnerable citizens and used for purposes never envisioned by the program’s supporters. Most of us can agree this is wrong.

After all, the whole point of Medicaid is to help low-income individuals—particularly the elderly and disabled—whose lives, dignity and comfort all benefit from the program.

Unfortunately, many politicians don’t see it this way. Oregon is one of nine states that allow labor unions to get a slice of the Medicaid pie by skimming union dues from the Medicaid paychecks of home-based caregivers.

How to makes a tyrant; give a 'small, inept' person some power. gb

See Cascade Policy Institute for these and other articles

Executive Orders

These can be found on-line but you can't "copy" them..

17-21 Says she is going to follow the "Pairs Agreement" despite the fact the the biggest part of the agreement was for the US was to PAY other countries to cut green-house gas emissions.

17-20 Says, she is going to save the world from green-house gas by increasing the efficiency of all state buildings in Oregon. Not only is this going to cost Oregonians 100's of millions of dollar but the net effect will be ZERO!

17-19 Says we should put out the Eagle Creek Fire. I, for one, am really glad she thought we should put out effort to put out this fire

17-18 Chetco fire. Does anyone else see the narcissism in this, how ludicrous. We should mobilize efforts to put out a really bad fire? Really?

17-17 Mill Creek fire, again, Really?17-16 Flounce Fire. ditto

Read them all, the 17's and the 16's, Kate Brown's and maybe her criminal predecessor. See what a person does when they see themselves as a god.